Web Design Process

Start a project

Step 1 : Explore my site

Check out my website, and find the package you need for your project.  Once you know what your looking for contact me with a quick description of what you want, and your goals for the project. If you aren’t sure feel free to contact me with any questions. I’m always happy to help.

Step 2 : Fill out my design questionnaire

Once you have inquired about your site, i will send you a questionnaire to help me understand your business and provide us both the information we require for the process to run smoothly and happily for both parties. On top of this questionnaire i will be available via email, phone or in person (depending on location) for any further queries.

est. 20 mins.

Step 3 : Contract

I will create a full quote for your website based on your requirements and information from the questionnaire and our discussions. Once that is agreed we can complete the contract confirming the details, pricing and time frame for the project. 50% of the total cost of the project is required at this stage the other 50% once you are totally happy with the final product.

Step 4 : Keyword research & Content

Before the design phase i will perform the keyword research for your site, to make sure your website performs the best in the search engine results. Here is where we agree on the layout for the site, based on these keywords.

I then require the content for the website. This can be done by you, you can do the final copy yourself following my website content guide, or a make a rough copy, which i can adjust and optimize for the web, ensuring it has the correct keyword densities and other SEO optimization (recommended). Or through a professional content writer (partner).

Step 5 : Detailed design and revisions

This is where i create your site from the layout we agreed on. Before the design is final i will host your website on my test server so you can trial your new site and make any alterations and tweaks to the before it goes live.

Step 6 : Going Live

Finally we release your full website! This is the best bit! You get full ownership of your site, and all the features. You can now share your achievement with all your social media fans!

At this point we begin any off-page SEO we have agreed on to boost your website in the rankings, rankings take time and sometimes effort, but with all the best practices in place, we should get results quicker.

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Ready for step 1?

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